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  • "go Fly A Kite

  • "Wile E Coyote"

  • American Lafrance Pumper

    American Lafrance Pumper

  •  Goat Weathervane

    Goat Weathervane

  • Fordson Tractor Weathervane

    Fordson Tractor Weathervane

  •  The Swooping Swallow Weathervane

    The Swooping Swallow Weathervane

My weathervane history

Back in the day, weathervanes were used to forcast the weather. In the 19th century, their were many in the east that produced copper weathervanes, they used wood and iron molds to mass produce, weathervanes different company's used the same designs that were popular. At the age of 15 I started working for a weathervane company, hammering copper in those molds, learning how to make weathervanes, I worked for that company for 12 years, during that time, I learned all the skills involved to become a coppersmith. I learned how to design weathervanes and hand make them " free hand" without molds, I was able to make custom weathervanes without the high cost of having molds made.  In the 1970's, the molds were copyed in Asia, they were producing molded weathervanes much cheaper than we could make them here in the U.S.A. though the quality was poor, they were selling, taking our business away. In 1983 I started my business J. Donald Felix Coppersmith, I decided to make my weathervanes all by hand, producing a higher quality weathervane. Making weathervanes by hand, I could make any design, any size, I earned a reputation for high quality weathervanes and copper sculpture. As the years went by, I have made many different designs for business, town halls, churches, schools and the person that wants a weathervane that is special to them, I enjoy the challenge to create someone's idea into a handcrafted copper weathervane a piece of art that will last for many years. It is rewarding to me when I meet a customer that I did a weathervane for years ago and they still thank me for the joy that it has given them through time. Today, weathervanes are massed produced more than ever before, though weathervane company's say they are made in the U. S. A. most are not. These larger companys flood the internet with cheaper weathervanes, when buying a weathervane it is wise to research the company's before buying one.


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This website is designed to show an overview of the copper work created by Don Felix. There is always a new design in the works, so please inquire. If you do not see what you are looking for please call Don at 603-474-2225 - Don will design anything for you!



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Don can be reached by phone at 603-474-2225 or via email at jdonaldfelix@gmail.com. or p.o.box 995 Hampton,N.H.03843