The photos on this page represent some of the places my work resides.  Every installation is different ,most of my weathervanes are on buildings, however my weathervanes are also displayed indoors or in a garden as works of art. I have clients that collect my work as multible pieces complement each other showcasing the art of the weathervane. Making each weathervane all by hand means every piece is different, making them a one of a kind unique weathervane design.

[Click an image to see large view]
  • Swallow Weathervane

    Swallow Weathervane

  • Standing Heron Weathervane

    Standing Heron Weathervane

  • B 24 Liberator Weathervane

    B 24 Liberator Weathervane

  • Mermaid Weathervane

    Mermaid Weathervane

  • Squirrel Weathervane

    Squirrel Weathervane

  • Landing Goose Weathervane

    Landing Goose Weathervane

  • Torch Weathervane

    Torch Weathervane

  • Goose Taking Off Weathervane

    Goose Taking Off Weathervane

  • Early Mac Truck

    Early Mac Truck

  • Beech Bonanza Aircraft Weathervane

    Beech Bonanza Aircraft Weathervane

  • Centaur Weathervane

    Centaur Weathervane

  • Osprey Weathervane

    Osprey Weathervane

  • Turtle Weathervane

    Turtle Weathervane

  • Mule Weathervane

    Mule Weathervane

  • Small Rooster Weathervane

    Small Rooster Weathervane

  • Down Wing Goose Weathervane

    Down Wing Goose Weathervane

  • Pineapple Weathervane

    Pineapple Weathervane

  • Painted Loon Weathervane

    Painted Loon Weathervane

  • Fordson Tractor Weathervane

    Fordson Tractor Weathervane

  • Heron Wall Art

    Heron Wall Art

  • Wall Mounted Centaur Weathervane

    Wall Mounted Centaur Weathervane

  •  Marsh Scene For A Bank

    Marsh Scene For A Bank

  • Afghan Hound Weathervane

    Afghan Hound Weathervane

These pictures have been given to me by my clients to show how my work looks after it has been installed.Every insallation is different,I try to work with the client to scale the weathervane or wall sculpture for the best possible fit. I look forward to create the perfect weathervane for your needs weather it is for a home or business a weathervane is a piece of art.