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Custom made copper weathervanes are what I am known for, antique weathervane forms or a design custom made for you. Let me know your interest and I will design a weathervane for you.

[Click an image to see large view]
  • Custom Mule Weathervane

    Custom Mule Weathervane

  • Broad Wing Hawk

    Broad Wing Hawk

  • Star  Boat  Lake Sunapee

    Star Boat Lake Sunapee

  • Bannerette 130 Cedar S.t.

    Bannerette 130 Cedar S.t.

  • Cricket


  • Traditional Folk Art Banner

    Traditional Folk Art Banner

  • Reproduction Of Dartmouth College Vane

    Reproduction Of Dartmouth College Vane

  •  Fire Engine

    Fire Engine

  • The Family Tree

    The Family Tree

  • Velveteen Rabbit

    Velveteen Rabbit

  • Loon With Chicks

    Loon With Chicks

  • Superman Logo

    Superman Logo

  • Owls


  • 60


  • Flying Dachshund

    Flying Dachshund

These pictures represent custom orders I have done over the years for many different clients. Almost any design is possible, have your own custom weathervane made to make your home unique to your family.