These lighting designs are tradition styles that are still popular today. Unlike the imported mass produced lanterns, my lights add value to your home. *prices are subject to change due to material costs

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  • Medium Downeast Lantern

    Medium Downeast Lantern

  • Medium Period Syle Light

    Medium Period Syle Light

  • Medium Williamsburg Light

    Medium Williamsburg Light

  • Candle Lantern

    Candle Lantern

  • Post Lights

    Post Lights

  • Period Series

    Period Series

  • Downeast Series

    Downeast Series

  • Williamsburg Series

    Williamsburg Series

  • Barn Series

    Barn Series

All lanterns come with either "H" bars or "X" bars over the glass. They are also available in different sizes:
small: 5" wide,  height approx. 14"
medium: 6"wide, height-approx. 19"
large: 7" wide, height-approx. 23"
Also finished as antique or coppertone (shown with coppertone finish)