Wall Sculptures

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Wall sculptures add a unique feel to any room. My copper sculptures cannot be found anywhere other than the studio of J. Donald Felix. my weathervanes also make for good copper wall sculpture, my copper weathervanes are hung on the wall with a small bracket, they add a lot to a room, I can make a custom wall sculpture for you.

[Click an image to see large view]
  •  The Old Man Of The M.T.

    The Old Man Of The M.T.

  • Aesop's Fables

    Aesop's Fables

  • Swan


  • Piping Plover

    Piping Plover

  • Kayack Sculpture

    Kayack Sculpture

  • Loon Within Catails

    Loon Within Catails

  • The Common Loon

    The Common Loon

  • The Hunter

    The Hunter

  • Single Pig

    Single Pig

  • Rain Forest Frog

    Rain Forest Frog

  • 3-d Heron

    3-d Heron

  • Swallow


  • Example,of Custom Wall Sculpture

    Example,of Custom Wall Sculpture

  • Larger Moose Scene

    Larger Moose Scene

  • The Great North Woods

    The Great North Woods

  • Heron With Cattails

    Heron With Cattails

  • Angel Wall Sculopture

    Angel Wall Sculopture

  •  Geckos


  • Squirrel


  • Cross Country Skier

    Cross Country Skier

  • Horse Race

    Horse Race

  • Running Horses

    Running Horses

  • Grazing Cows

    Grazing Cows

  • Southwestern Sun

    Southwestern Sun

  • Pigs


  • Catfish


  •  After Repairs

    After Repairs

  • Moon&star


  •  Before


  • Kite Flying

    Kite Flying

  • Sunny Face

    Sunny Face

  •  Before  Repairs Note Front Foot-tail

    Before Repairs Note Front Foot-tail

  • Running Deer

    Running Deer

  • Shore Birds

    Shore Birds

  • Heron In The Grass

    Heron In The Grass

  • Snipe


  • Heron


  • Woodcock


  • Plover


  • Ducks In Flight

    Ducks In Flight

These are some of the wall sculptures avalible. Any design is possible. More to be added soon.