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Any weathervane design is possible. All my work is made "freehand" - from a drawing I can create the image in copper.

[Click an image to see large view]
  • Bernese Mountain Dog

    Bernese Mountain Dog

  • Mini Pinscher

    Mini Pinscher

  • Largemouth Bass

    Largemouth Bass

  • Codfish


  • Tenn. Walking Horse

    Tenn. Walking Horse

  • Ethan Allen Reproduction

    Ethan Allen Reproduction

  • Cross Country Skier

    Cross Country Skier

  • Rare Molded Horse

    Rare Molded Horse

  •  Hotrod


  • Tarpon


  • Smallmouth Bass

    Smallmouth Bass

  • Lake Trout

    Lake Trout

  • Great White Shark

    Great White Shark

  • Striped Bass

    Striped Bass

  • Kingfisher


  • Water Pump

    Water Pump

  • Gardener


  • Kokapelli


  • Buddys


  • Hackney Weathervane

    Hackney Weathervane

  • Freseian Horse

    Freseian Horse

  • Scottish Highlander Bull Weathervane

    Scottish Highlander Bull Weathervane

These are many designs of weathervanes that I make. Remember that any design is possible, as shown on the commission page. Feel free to contact me if you would like your own custom design.
*Prices subject to change do to the material costs*